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Catherine Wright Limited

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We have a selection of Western snaffle and shanked bits, Weaver headstalls, reins, tailbags and hoof black all at excellent prices.

We supply a huge range of Equine related products including First Aid supplies, Feed Supplements, Grooming equipment, Yard equipment and GRUB'S Boots.

Products can be delivered to you when you have your lesson and a selection of products are available to purchase at Clinics held at The WW.

Excellent savings on larger sizes of supplements.

A very small selection of our products, all at exceptional prices!

Animalintex2.jpeg (6834 bytes)         Vetrap 2.jpg (11472 bytes)         horseman cleaner.jpg (15090 bytes)        body protector.jpg (4854 bytes)

Robinson Animalintex 5.10                     3M Vetrap 1.70                                 Horsemans Leather Cleaner 7.50     RS2010 Body Protector from 115.00


Body brush.jpg (21694 bytes)          Feed skip.jpg (4845 bytes)          Flexijoint.jpg (29675 bytes)          NAF 5 star Resp..jpg (20585 bytes)

Hills Body Brush 5.10                                Pro Stable Skip 7.50                           Equimins Flexijoint from 24.00        NAF 5* Respirator from 35.50


Pollenex.jpg (53354 bytes)               Topspec calmer.jpg (5885 bytes)           Tubtrug.jpg (23981 bytes)          Showsheen finishing Mist.jpg (9320 bytes)       

Global Herbs Pollenex from 28.00                 TopSpec Calmer from 24.00             Tubtrugs from 3.50                              Showsheen Finishing Mist 8.75   


vermx.jpg (5989 bytes)        fence tape.jpg (53615 bytes)             NAF Deet Power.jpg (12432 bytes)                fynalite.jpg (7680 bytes)

Verm-X Liquid from 14.00                Classic Fence tape from 19.50              NAF Off Deet Power from 4.90        Fyna-Lite Shavings fork from 27.25

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We supply the full range of GRUB'S  Neoprene and Leather Footwear.

Please speak to Catherine or Text your enquiry to: 07802 709696.