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Negotiating the Trail class box.

I am available to teach you on your own horse at your premises. Hourly lessons are available weekdays, evenings or weekends and are individually tailored to your needs.

When starting Western Riding, I recommend you to have half a dozen weekly lessons to learn the basic riding style. Thereafter, lessons can be arranged weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit you.

Lessons usually include flexion exercises to supple the horse, correct position of rider, speed control and Trail obstacles - such as walking and jogging over poles (not jumping), backing through cones etc.

Riders who are interested in competitive Western Riding are introduced to the various Western classes including the Pleasure class, where the rider is required to show the horse at a walk, jog, lope and backup, the Trail class and Horsemanship class. Riders are taught to recognise what the Judge is looking for in each class and class etiquette. Written Horsemanship patterns are ridden from memory to enable riders to practice and develop the sort of patterns they would be required to ride at a show.

Clients interested in showing are actively encouraged to compete at various Western shows around the UK. I can advise you on class etiquette, correct tack, dress etc. and generally prepare you and your horse for the show ring.

I attend most of the major Western horse shows and am happy to help clients with practical advice “on the day.”

The Trail class also includes gates!